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SPA houses  Jachymov

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Winter season: Skiing areas  Bozi Dar, Klinovec and Jáchymov are disposable with the car, bus or with the cableway.The downhill courses are upkeeping, for ski runners are on the mountains edges several routes.

SKIING area Boží Dar-Neklid in the altitude 1028 m offers full service incl. Parking, Ski and Snowboard livery, Skischool and buffet.

In this area are 6 ski tow's 300 -1000 m long. 2 downhill courses have the lighting for the evening skiing.

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Summer season: Ideal staring point for hiking - the cableway Jáchymov-Klínovec, Bus Jáchymov Boží Dar, Jáchymov Carlsbad. Natural bath with mini golf is near or it is possible to visit the AQUAPARK in Klášterec nad Ohří (15 km far from here).

Since December 2009 is possible visit im SPA-house  AGRICLA Aquacentrum  with solarium, fitness, Salt cave and und cafe  and minigolf can be played near.

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The cableway Jáchymov-Klínovec offers bike transport and you can use bike routes on the mountains edges.

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